Thursday, 27 February 2014

The painful joke of the "Premier League"

In this country we put up with a lot when it comes to our top level football clubs.

  • We stifle our disgust at the amounts of money a lot of the players "earn".

  • We resist complaining about foreign owners of questionable repute, simply because their bloated, mysteriously accumulated wealth sustains clubs barely scraping by on tens of millions of Sky money and gates of 40,000.

  • We accept watching top level games where the only Englishmen on the field are carrying flags and whistles.

  • No one baulks anymore about shelling out £80 quid just to watch a bloody football match.

  • As a result of the lack of top flight opportunities for English players our national team continues to flounder.

All these indignities and more are heaped upon supporters.  And most are content to take the abuse because the top clubs generally do well in European competitions.  Now, after it would appear that our Champions League contingent may well be quickly reduced from 4 to 1, that even that crumb of comfort has been taken away.

So, what does our fellow supporter of a Premier League team have to look forward to?  Shelling out an arm and a leg to fund a bunch of super-rich foreigners, playing under a dodgy chairman, whilst waiting, with dread , for a bunch of Premier League substitutes and squad players take the nation's hopes with them to Brazil.

Suddenly not having a perfect view at Latimer Park doesn't seem too bad, does it?

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