Monday, 5 May 2014

A day to enjoy

A play-off final against Slough Town and the chance to start the rebuilding of the Poppies and moving back up the leagues awaits us today.  A win today and we would be back in the Southern League Premier Division.  Striking distance of the Conference structure.  It is all possible and could all start today.

But should we suffer defeat today I hope it won't sully the 2013-14 season.  The season when the tide was turned after the last few years of unremitting horror.  I find the best way of judging a season is to note what we all complain about on a Saturday, rather than what we are happy about.  This season our complaints have been restricted to the lack of chips, a wet or dry, bobbly pitch, and, in the last couple of well-attended fixtures against Daventry, a poor view of the game. 

Not bad in a season where we were actually wound-up in the High Court at one point!

This was the season where a lot of our supporters, who felt themselves disenfranchised by our previous owner, started to engage with their club again.

The season where the wider footballing public gave valuable and appreciated help to save our club.

The season where, if you were away for the first few weeks of the season, you may not have actually seen us lose!

The season where Burton Park Wanderers, who owe us nothing, have done more for the Poppies in 9 months than our own Borough Council have done for us in 90 years.

The season where you can see the club is being effectively run by fellow supporters.  People like the rest of us, with the only obvious difference is that they give up their time to do the work the rest of us know should be done, but can't be arsed to do ourselves.

The season where we have had players at the club long enough to recognise them and remember their names!

The season we've managed to become a genuine bogey team to a certain team that play in purple!

The season it was fun to watch the Poppies again.

A win today would be the cherry on the cake, but, looking back, the cake itself has been pretty good!

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