Friday, 23 May 2014

Don't mention the "C" word

Today a new £35 million dual carriage way link road opens from Euro Hub at Stanion, and the industrial units of Weldon through to Storefield Cottages near Rushton, which is intended to take lorries through to the A14 in Kettering, and reduce traffic through Geddington.

It's not called the Euro Hub Byway.  Or Weldon Way.  Or the Storefield Interchange.  Or the Kettering A14 Through way or even the Geddington Bypass.

No, it's called the "Corby Link Road".

Once upon a time I'd have had a rant at the fact that Corby's name is plastered all over a project that has barely any connection with the town, beyond being a convenient way out of the area for the industries on the far edge of Corby.

But not anymore.  Had this project not had the word Corby associated with it, the chances are it would never have got off the ground.  More power to their elbow we say!  It is particularly ironic, because news of the opening of this new road was followed by a news story about the hoped for, possible commencement of making the A43 between Kettering and Northampton into a dual carriageway.  Not all of it mind.  Just a short stretch.  In the future.  Perhaps.

If the people trying to get this Kettering-Northampton road upgraded are reading this (yes, unlikely...!) we would make the following suggestion - name the project -

"The Corby - Corby Link Road (featuring a bit of dual carriageway between two other towns near Corby"

The A43 between Kettering and Northampton
showing the turn off to Broughton.
Surely ripe for development?

In fact, why don't we all try to get on the band waggon?  Who fancies a brand new ground, built in Kettering for the Poppies to play at?  All we have to do is announce the project as,

"New Football Ground for Kettering Town FC, who are near CORBY, where CORBY TOWN fans turn up in large numbers for the odd game between Kettering and CORBY TOWN, even though they won't actually attend games in CORBY."

Obvious, for ease of conversing, we would shorten the ground name once it was safely and quickly built from funds which would magically appear, to include the word "Kettering" from Kettering Town FC, and the "Town FC" from Corby Town FC.


  1. Corby has better roads than kettering, a better shopping centre, better industry and much more new housing. So the question is, how do the politians of Corby achieve all this for their constituants, perhapsthe politians of Kettering could learn something from them and start improving the town instead of sitting back and watching over its continued decline.

    1. No one's denying any of that. Kind of the point of the piece.

      Mind you, costing and paying for all of Corby's great developments has never been top of the list of priorities for Corby politicians.....