Sunday, 8 June 2014

D-day (Part 2)

So, Monday is decision day for the Poppies, with Ritchie due to name our new manager.

I get a sense, reading the views of the various online supporter forums that no matter what our Chairman does, he will incur the ire of a sizeable chunk of our small, but noisy online community.  The main reason being that every supporter knows best how the club should be organised and managed.  We're all experts.  And, we're all always right!

If Ritchie goes the Baillie route he will be rounded upon for a lack of inventiveness, by fans demanding some sort of "name".  Baillie's contribution to last season will be conveniently forgotten.  Some will even bemoan him as a footballing person, or person full-stop.

What about Jon Brady?  The stories of the seeming disintegration of Brackley, or should that be, the disintegration of the funding of Brackley,  have led to reports that he will be unveiled as our new boss tomorrow.  Some fans are already pointing to the fact that, even though heavily bankrolled, Jon couldn't get Brackley promoted, so, what makes anyone think he could do it for us?

How about Marcus Law?  Another name, thrown liberally around.  A percentage of fans wouldn't welcome back a manager who did only "OK" for us, despite padding the team out with a host of football league starlets.  Aston Villa might well loan a future player to a Conference National team, bit it would be doubtful if they would be inclined to lend out a precious asset to a team playing vigorous kick and rush in the Southern League Central Division!

Who else has been mentioned?  Some bloke from Slough.  Simply because he comes from Kettering?  If that's enough to get you considered for the Latimer Park Hot Seat, then why not throw Sean Dyche into the mix?  Goodbye Manchester United, hello North Greenford United?

Brad Piercewright, despite no actual experience, has also been mentioned in dispatches.

And what of Dean Thomas himself.  Who knows?  He may have sorted his job issues and be unveiled as our new, existing boss!

My worry is that too many of us still believe we are a big enough draw to attract a manager with any sort of "wow" factor.  Let's wake up and smell the Calor gas.  At this level our manager will need to have an outside income from a "proper" job, be able to get his squad to and from games, sign players for nothing, try to arrange training sessions around the county, as well as coaxing classy one-touch football from moderate players and win every week by 3 clear goals in order to keep us even slightly happy.

Over to you, Mr Chairman!

  What kind of idiot would like to ply
his trade in front of US every week?

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