Monday, 9 June 2014

D-Day plus 1

Unsurprisingly the team of Baillie & Machin have been appointed as joint Managers for the coming season.  In an attempt to offer the usual PATGOD balance, we suggest the pro's and cons of this appointment.


Not exactly a "glamorous" appointment
Neither man has ever spent time as a "real" No.1.
Baillie often has a face liked a slapped arse!


They know the players
They knows the expectations of the board and the fans
It will annoy some of our more bolshy fans, for whom no Manager will ever be good enough

The new management team will have their work cut out to convince everyone that they are the best choice to get us promoted.  But even the most ardent naysayer can be won around by the team hitting the ground running come the start of the season and racking up some wins.  Well, except Pedro perhaps.......

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