Tuesday, 17 June 2014

F*cking Non F*cking Park!


Three years since THAT Wicksteed Park meeting. Three years since the majority of Poppies fans were mugged, and steamrolled into jumping into the Direones still-warm grave.  Three years for most of us continue to ask ourselves, "Could we have done more to keep the club at Rocky Road?"

Of course, the entire meeting was set-up in such a way that there could only be one decision.  Imraan played the crowd like a virtuoso.  Basically we couldn't afford to keep paying Pickering for a crumbling hole, and why should we when a gleaming super-stadium lay unused just a few miles away.  Imraan couldn't give any actual costs of moving to Non Park, beyond a few, vague suggestions of a host of investors and sponsors, absolutely gagging to throw money at a Kettering Town Football Club who were playing in a piss-hole village..  As we were increasingly starting to notice with Imraan, the nitty-gritty detail wasn't really his bag......

It was obvious that discussions for us to move out of Rockingham Road were advanced.  I imagine he already had Morrell in place too at this early stage.  In fact, in his one misstep, he clumsily tiptoed around answering a direct question about the new Manager.  An "offer" thrown out to the room by Imraan to basically chip-in and keep us in Kettering was carelessly worded and deliberately vague.  Beyond needing fully half the people in the room to sign up that minute to an unspecified and uncosted offer of funds to the club.  Knowing that no-one trusted the Chairman with our money meant this was always a non-starter.

And then there was the contributions from the floor.  To my everlasting regret I never spoke up.  I imagine many others felt the same as me.  Wished we'd spoken up, no matter how pointless it would have been, nor how quick we would have been shouted down.  Let Imraan know what he was doing was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Instead we bit our tongues as various characters stood up and backed the move.  I don't know their names.  Didn't then and don't now.  I just know them by the nicknames I've given them.  Amongst others there was "Old Git",  "Nervous Girl", and "Mouthy F*ckwit".  The "Old Git" blathered on about supporting the club for 60 years and supporting them wherever they played.  To give him his due, I do still see him at games.  I always curse his contribution on the night.  "Nervous Girl" made it as far as Non Park, which was f*cking big of her as she basically begged for us to go there as it would pretty much guarantee us League Football (It did, Southern League football!)  Haven't seen her at Latimer Park though.

As for "Mouthy F*ckwit" I don't think I'd ever seen him at a Poppies game before or since.  Not even at Non Park, where he angrily decided we must go.  He spent most of the evening shouting at anyone who dared even question why the sudden urgency to decamp to Freak-land.  I mean, it's not as if there was a big queue of clubs desperate to relocate to Inbred Central.

I have occasionally seen "Mouthy F*ckwit"around town, scurrying about in his Liverpool shirt, no doubt looking to catch his heroes on Sky TV at a pub in town.  I doubt this clown even knows the Poppies still exist, and couldn't care less.

The Wicksteed Park meeting ended in the infamous "vote", where we are supposed to have given Imraan his mandate.  I say "supposed" as many of us had left before the end of the rally, er, meeting.

As PATGOD reported at the time -



A sad day all round.

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  1. i voted NO to the move and all wrong in evreyway .....