Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Poppies ready for that difficult "second album"

This coming season is the Club's 142nd.  But, in reality, given the upheavals of the recent past, this could be seen as "Year Two".  Last season was by turns, nervous, horrendous, apocalyptic, uplifting, exciting, disappointing and hilarious*

What should we expect this year? 

Hopefully we will manage to build upon the good things from last season, such as an improving squad, improving facilities, and improving supporter numbers.  Hopefully the ultimate disappointment of the play-off final capitulation won't have put off those wavering supporters who have slowly drifted back to the club. 

Obviously the vast majority of the 2000 Kettering fans who stole my position at Latimer Park won't be back again in a hurry.  Not that I would have expected them to, even if we had won promotion.  Like most clubs, we have a large wedge of people who are attracted to the "big games".  Once it meant a trip to Wembley, or Selhurst Park, or Ewood Park.  These days it means crowding around a bobbly field in Burton Latimer.

But it would be good for the club if a few more were persuaded to return.  More people equals more money equals better team equals more success, even if it also means more f*cking people nicking my spot at the ground.

The club hierarchy seem to be trying to do things right.  Making Martin Bellamy the Commercial Director is an obvious step given he has been doing this unofficially for years.  If nothing else, it increases our chances of securing sponsorship from the Melton Mowbray area.

Keeping prices the same for next year is a good move, along with allowing those who wish to reserve a seat to do so for a small additional charge.  Anyone moaning about this could do worse than consider seated supporters always paid more than us mere Terrace Gods until we were exiled to Non Park.  So, shut up and pay your money!

An open evening to allow people to pop up to Latimer Park to buy Season tickets would be a good idea, especially since some of us have managed to be away whenever the forms have been accepted at the Newland Centre!

On the pitch the squad looks a damn sight better than the one that started last season like runaway sloths.  At this level the likes of Brett and Andy Hall should be more than useful.  Hopefully Dubi will get his head back on straight and come out all guns blazing.  Likewise we trust Henry will finally realise that everyone except us think he's sh*t and commit to us for a whole season!

We owe no former owners anything. We owe no former landlords anything.  We have a playing squad.  We have a management team.  We have a Board of Directors who we know and mostly trust (no one can entirely trust a suspiciously rabid George Michael fan).  We have a goodly number of typically thick, pig-ignorant, boorish but loveable supporters.  As long as bloody Burton Park Wanderers don't go  bust, things are looking good for this season!

Now, let's go and piss this poxy league!

*the fact that Daventry couldn't buy a goal against us, no matter how many games we played!

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