Thursday, 31 July 2014

What we did in the holidays part 1 - Comings and Goings

So, what has our club been up to during these warm summer months?  And more importantly, what is PATGOD's opinion?

For the first time in a long time, we will be starting the season with the majority of the players who ended the previous campaign.  This never used to be a big deal, as players racked up 100, 200 appearances for the club.  Often these players were cheerily greeted during the first pre-season game with a heartfelt, "I see your bloody well still 'ere then?"  In recent years we have started with different line-ups, different managers, hell, even different stadiums!

Our managerial triumvirate has become a duo since last season, with Crooner Thomas heading to a Rat Pack Tribute Night somewhere near you.

This season we are still at Latimer Park, and still looking at most of the same heavily tattooed players we grew to love over the past 12 months or so.  One or two didn't stay.  Elliot Sandy has gone to Dunstable, but, as reasonable a player as he was, I would keep Moreman and Dubi ahead of him.  Any day.

James Jepson has chosen to leave and has already had another 2 clubs in the time it has taken to type this.  Another good, if limited player, it was no coincidence that our upturn in fortunes coincided with him arriving at Latimer Park.  With the arrival of Oulton and the return of Brett and diddy Andy Hall, JJ's opportunities were likely to be limited this season.  It's understandable that James is looking for first team football, but his departure has been met with despair in some quarters.  Main JJ Groupie, and chips aficionado, Dennis Kendall texted us to say, "Best midfielder, lovely left foot.  Not a great start to the season - are Thomas Bailey and Scott Machin bringing in their mates?  Sad.  No ambition!"

The loss of Worby in goal may be a bigger gap to fill as no-one has filled us with terrific confidence yet.  And without Andy Osei-Siribour we will need at least another body to sit on our bench.

Coming Soon - What we did in the holidays part 2 - Behind the Scenes.  Can't wait eh?  We can't blame you!

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