Sunday, 6 July 2014

Update from Guy


Thought I'd drop a quick line to let you know what's going on in Branstonville and to catch up with what's new with the Puppies.  But that's enough about you - what about me?

Unbelievable, I know, but I'm going to be hanging my boots up, even though I'm still officially only 31!  Ha Ha!

When I finished last season at Plymouth I thought it was about time I gave the Premier League a crack.  My Agent assured me that there was a LOT of interest, but, strangely, nothing seems to come of it.....

Well, bollox to it!  I've decided to leave footie behind and try pastures new. The BBC website did a nice write-up about me, but with one tiny error -

"He has had 19 different clubs, played more than 450 professional games and headed countless long balls back from whence they came."

As you all know, I NEVER headed the ball straight anywhere!  Ha Ha!

Branston - even teammates weren't safe!

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