Saturday, 29 November 2014

It's not just us!

Most of us have been watching in fascinated horror as Poppies Fans Forums continue turning inwards and eat themselves alive whenever other teams have the temerity to beat us.  But, does this painful infighting happen everywhere?

Graham James has been investigating: -

"Out of curiosity I thought that I would have a look at a Real Madrid fans' forum and it proved to be very interesting. Here is a sample."

Paulo Cooke: Our 6-1 win on Saturday was the sixth time  that we have scored  five or more in a game already this season and Ronaldo's hat trick was his fourth of the season.

Pedro: Ah but what you fail to mention is that this was the third time in 12 games that we've conceded a goal.

Buster del face: And Ronaldo missed four chances that he would never have missed before "Los Dos" took over as managers but I don't suppose that I am allowed to say that on here.

Hombre de van blanco: There are still two seats left on the bus next week to Real Mallorca.

El gobo: I blame Imraani Ladaka.

Horatio:I see that 2 of our next 26 games are against teama that are within 20 points of us. I TRUST that we will win them all though.

Frederico: But will the trust keep supporting the managers if they continue to buy all the world's top players, and Gareth Bale? 

Simone: But we should be winning every game 6-0 not 6-1. Went we went 4 up on Saturday no
substitutes were brought on and what happened?  We went on to win 6-1.  No Plan  B again.  He just kept on Ronaldo and Benzema. If we had used our subs I am sure that we would have won 7-0.

Pedro: If you want evidence as to why we need a change of management just consider our recent results. 6-1, 5-0, 6-1 and 4-1.Notice anything? Yes, only one clean sheet. I am not setting foot in the Bernabeu until something changes.

Penfoldo: What's the parking like at the Camp Nou? I'm not going. I just wondered.

Las Pippies: Rumour around bought Messi great player. 

Marco: Why do we need another striker? He would probably be played at right back anyway.

Hombre miserable: We cannot comment until it is on the official website.

Jesus C.: Give the players a break.  They are only playing for "peanuts".

Pedro: That's it. I've had enough of this. We somehow have managed to be 25 points ahead with five games to go but I still wouldn't put it past los dos amigos to mess it up.

gaja: Oh that's it then is it? We are not allowed to say anything positive about the club now. I thought that this was a forum so we should be able to say anything about the runaway leaders not just unjustified criticism. Aren't we allowed free speech anymore? As soon as we say we will have won the league by Christmas, we just get shouted at for appreciating the efforts of everyone involved. Isn't everyone entitled to their opinion, even if it is inexplicably being optimistic about the future!

Those Spaniards!

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