Saturday, 22 November 2014

Poppies still strive to keep it interesting!

Watching the Poppies these days is becoming akin to a rollercoaster ride at a rickety old fairground. Everything surrounding us is run down and faintly seedy.  The matches are undeniably exciting, with plenty of emotional peaks and troughs.  And at any point you half expect a few bolts to work themselves loose, and bring everything crashing down.  And then we'll be at the mercy of the Health and Safety Executive.

Talk about ups and downs....

Going 2-0 down.

Fighting back.

Sandy scoring his 6th goal in as many games (and then struggling to work out how many fingers to hold up in celebration of this great run!)

Gooding scoring even after scuffing his penalty even worse than the one he scuffed last week.

Rattling the woodwork the usual 3 times during the game.

Bukasa fluking an outrageously lucky winner.

Dubi looking annoyed.

The grey haired linesman being at least 20-yards off the pace all game long.

New signing David Unpronounceable looked lively.

The rain holding off all game long.


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