Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything!

I know we've fallen on great footballing hard times.  Goodbye Rockingham Road.  Goodbye Conference National.  Hello Park Football.  Hello bobbly Latimer Park.

But even in the darkest days of the fag end of Non Park and some of the freezing nights of footballing horror at Steel Park we never suffered the indignity heaped on North Greenford United today.

We may have been slightly disappointed with our gate of 535 today, but spare a thought for the spartan surrounds at the home of "The Blues" as they had just 42 warm bodies come through the turnstiles.


Did this number include complimentary tickets?  God, I hope not!


Assuming a full set of substitutes on both teams and, say five Managers, Assistant Managers, Coaches, Physios etc. on each bench, the playing staff and attendance were exactly the same.


And what if each player has a family member at the game?  Upwards of 30 of the crowd might be attending due to purely familial attachments!


If it came to a scrap between the watchers and the performers, the outcome might well come down to which side the match officials took!


That's not even a coach-full.  We really have to get out of this division as soon as we can!

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