Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Where did everyone go?

It must have been disappointing for the officials and staff at Daventry last night when the famous "purple army" turned up in less than military-strength numbers.  Slightly fewer than the ground busting 660 who were packed in just three weeks ago for our visit, made it to Communications Park for the visit of Chalfont St Peters.

Well, 604 less actually....

On the plus side, Daventry's gate of 56 was a larger figure than the 55 Poppies fans who turned up on a single supporter coach for our New Year's Day clash.

Unless you include the coach driver too.


  1. Shame PATGOD, usually you're good for a laugh, but taking cheap shots about other clubs' crowds is just pointless arrogance. Who cares if Daventry or North Greenford get small crowds?! Who cares if we get big crowds?! It doesn't matter when it comes to the league table.

    When we were in the Conference I'm sure the ex-League clubs looked at our attendances and laughed in a similar fashion. I'm going to take a guess that you were one of the Poppies fans who were responding 'fans don't equal points'. And now look...

    How about you stop with all the 'look at these pub teams' stuff, it just makes you (and our fans as a whole) look like arrogant twats.

    1. All agreed, but c'mon it IS funny, particularly in the case of Daventry where the refer to the "Purple Army"

    2. Bang on. A target of Patgod has been local crowds. It does look arrogant and frankly a bit out of date. That lot up the road in Corby had 521 today. The Poppies had 587. Hardly cause for celebration. The fact is that 10 years ago it would have been inconceivable to compare them. Now it is. It is the direction of travel that counts. Top of the league and 587?

    3. Perhaps it would read better if I slipped in an "anti-management" bit in there somewhere!

  2. I thought we stopped organising supporters' buses for home fixtures when we left Non Park?

  3. Purple Helmets is more appropriate to describe that lot.