Friday, 2 January 2015

Sorry, Charley

Really, really sorry about yesterday Charley.

Thanks awfully for popping along, and we hope you enjoy wearing the Poppies shirt on your many travels.  Don't think you have to though.....

It's a pity that none of the talent, determination or drive you show in your sport was echoed by our team.  Unlike our under-performing team I doubt very much if you would have only tried when you were playing on a hole where the wind was behind you. 

We are not always that bad, even though increasingly we are playing like a bunch of individuals who have never met each other before.  We usually have a good defence, and a front line that is the envy of teams a division higher.  Admittedly our midfield consists of a couple of stoppers and a couple of players not up to the job, but considering we generally hit the ball over their heads these days this isn't a big a problem as it sounds.

Anyway, Charley, thanks again for giving up one of the few days off you must get each year to waste at Latimer Park, and again, our apologies we couldn't put up more of a fight against a team that could name only three subs, had no physio, and lost their only decent player to us a month ago.

We look forward to welcoming you again hopefully at some time in the future.  Mind you, we're still waiting for Faryl Smith's return after we managed to rudely cut-off her singing before a FA Cup game a few years ago....So, given our crappy treatment of our local young lady celebrities, we won't hold our breathe.

"Once again, Charley, we're really sorry about the rubbish
we made you watch yesterday.  However, the stupid
actions of your uncle Tommy didn't bloody well help matters!"

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