Monday, 26 January 2015

The Season Starts Now. Again. (If You Want It)

17 games to go.  51 points to play for.  A run comparable to the one we enjoyed at this stage last season could see us rack up 100+ points.

7 home games in out next 9 fixtures.  Weather permitting of course.

As the league placings stand we still have the whip hand over the pretenders to our title. 


If we stick together as a club.  From the Chairman, through the Management, and through the volunteers to us great unwashed standing around the pitch, if we stand as one there's absolutely no reason we can't rack up the points necessary to win the league.

If, at least for the next couple of months, we fans can all pull in a single direction to get the Poppies over the finishing line.

If the admittedly small number of petty whiners on our side of the touchline could at least bite their tongues for just a short time and perhaps try to show a slightly sunnier disposition.  Only temporarily of course.  As soon as we win the league they can go back to wanting everyone to be sacked.....

If our team of prime attacking talent can finally click and put more opponents to the sword.

If.  If.

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