Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hey Ho, Moving On

News that Claudio Hoban has flitted back to Corby Town has left all us Poppies fans with a distinct sense of "Meh".

For every good thing he did, like beating a full back, scoring a goal, or taking an amateurish dive, he annoyed us with some stupifyingly poor passages of play.  Such as his almost complete inability to know where he should be on the pitch.  I have never heard so many players shout at another player to tell him where he should be at any given time.

He gave exactly nil cover to whichever fullback was unlucky to be playing behind him.  His idea of defending set-pieces is to stand in a patch of turf on his own and point.  A lot.

He's a good enough payer at this level, and does enough good things to be worth a go.  But you can't really see him playing regularly in a team looking to be playing at Conference National.  Unless Corby are looking for a player who more often than not has the footballing awareness of someone playing with a bag over his head.

Claudio.  About to roast a defender.
Or about to miss the ball and
then stand around looking a bit lost....

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