Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hitting a Hundred?

Last night’s 4-0 win at North Greenford was still in progress when the stattos were salivating over the possibility that our treble of successful spot kicks, each by a different player, was unprecedented. Confirmation soon followed that it was a first for us a club, but what about the wider world of football. Maybe we’ll never know, but I’ll pose the question on a football trivia site I know and report back.

Meanwhile, here’s another question. With 12 games to go we’re up to 70 points and 69 goals. If we maintain that average to the end of the season, the final tally will be 98 points and 97 goals. At the risk of invoking an almighty collapse by even daring to think about it, could 100 be in reach on both fronts?

The last side to get close was, surprise surprise, the last one to win a league - Cooper’s champions of 07/08 who fell tantalisingly short on 97 and 96 respectively. I seem to recall that the points tally was a club record nonetheless, as was the number of wins (30). The last side to hit a century of league goals was back in 78/79, the great days of Kellock, Clayton & Phipps (pause to reflect on that distant world of small shorts and big moustaches) so to match that would put the present strike force in fine company.
It’s something to keep an eye on as the games count down. If we can recapture our early season scoring form more often, maybe when the pitch at Latimer Park turns from treacle to something a little firmer, the big three figures might be on. As a precaution, I have already made a provisional booking of the bloke from Bullseye, to cry “WUNNNNNHUNDRED!” if we do it. Happily, despite the show’s popularity only three decades ago, he is both cheap and available.

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