Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What chance of peace breaking out in Poppydom?

At times it seems as though ISIS and the West have more chance of kissing and making-up than a few hundred Poppies supporters getting on with each other.  However, it is to be hoped that after the complete forum-fracas of the past seven days something approaching peace may have broken out.

One or two malcontents went so far over the top after the team dared to win ugly against AFC Hayes that the collective fury of all those who want the fatter of our two managers sacked with immediate, if not retrospective effect, seems to have calmed a bit.

Those who are demanding the sacking of the bosses are so blinded by their rage they seemingly can't grasp two obvious facts that are perfectly clear to the rest of us.

(1)  The rest of us CAN see that the football being played isn't especially sparkling.  But is this enough to sack people who have got us to the top of the table?  Little things like our current level, and playing on a ploughed field surely contribute too?  They seem to believe that anyone who doesn't share their point of view MUST be an avid fan of the Dynamic Duo.  Not true.  But again, if a club starts sacking people who are being by all measurable achievements, successful, where does this end?  Managers being sacked after a handful of poor games?  One poor game?  A poor half?  A poor pass?  (Boy, we'd really be in trouble!)

The Naysayers will more than likely have the last laugh.  99.9% of managers end up being sacked.  That's football.  Chances are Baillie and Machin will suffer the same fate.  It won't mean they were necessarily correct in their decision making, just statistically more astute. If they get us promoted every year for the next decade they'll eventually get the push in favour of a European coach to ensure our Champions League progress is as smooth as possible.

(2)  The Malcontent elements on the Poppies forums seem to believe they are being attacked or banned because of their views.  Again, it's not really true.  It's more a case that everyone else has become bored of the same posters posting the exact same posts over and over again.  You don't like the Management Duo  We get it.  Really, we do.  Well half of the duo anyway.  Curiously, not the aggressive looking half.... 

We lose - managers out.  We win narrowly - managers out.  We win well.  It's only because the opposition lost a player - managers out.  Game called off - managers out.  If an individual player makes a mistake - managers out.  No chips - managers out.  C'mon guys, there's making a point and there's labouring a point.

The constant repetition is so boring for those of us who haven't made it job in life to hound Baillie, that one almost looks forward to seeing the pointless "Word Association" thread on Poppynet stretch on and on and on.

Thankfully, the prospect of coming up against Aylesbury on Saturday, a team who are a threat to all of our hopes, seems to have got everyone pulling in the same direction.  I hope it can remain so for the rest of the season, and I hope those who thus far aren't enjoying seeing the green shoots of their club start the long climb back can glean something positive.  You don't have to end up cuddling Baillie, but you also don't have to spend your entire life slagging him off either.

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