Friday, 13 March 2015

Ritchie's honest erection


Let's be frank.  Although welcome, the new bit of terrace is a bit of a tiddler.  The sort of terrace that, were we herded into it a few years ago, we would have struggled to sing for sniggering.  I fully appreciate that at our present level, with our present facilities it does the job.  And news that the club intend to install a few more similar wedges of terracing around the ground is extremely positive.

Seeing the "Town End" terrace fill with our collection of half time boozers and aggressive teenagers a few of us looking on pondered how many new "ground improvements" we could remember at Kettering.  After scratching our heads for several minutes we realised this was a harder question than we thought.

Imraan added nothing to the fabric of Rockingham Road other than to cost us the entire stadium.

Under Peter Mallinger our betters benefitted from an improved sponsors lounge, and our visitors probably admired the new turnstile & toilet block on Rockingham Road.

Although his tenure was short Mark English managed to cover the Brittania Road terrace.  Obviously being bent he didn't actually pay for the construction.  Or the tax bill.  Or wages.  Or the rental car he swanned around in.  Or, well, anything.

Under Gingell's tenure the funds generated by record gates must have been spent on our numerous Championship winning teams, because bugger all was spent on supporter facilities.

So, how far back do we have to go to find not only a ground development, but one that was honestly acquired?  More than probably this.  Only the small matter of forty years between honest, paid for, ground developments!

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