Saturday, 21 March 2015

Six Nations Fever Grips the BBC!

Wow.  What a finish to the Six Nations Rugby!  All lovingly brought to us by the BBC, as it's probably the only live sport they have the rights to?

Three teams battle for the title.  It all came down to a handful of points.  Ultimately it boiled down to a few exciting final minutes when England could have won the title with a last gasp try that just didn't happen.

Pulse-pounding stuff!  In any other sport it would have been white-knuckle time. 

Not with Rugby Union though.  The bloody game is so damn friendly and sporting that no-one involved gave a f*ck who won the Six Nations. 

No one cares who wins or loses at Rugby.  Not so long as the players get to fondle and gouge each other all game long.  Not so long as everyone, both playing and watching could drink themselves stupid.  Not so long as everyone in attendance can wear fancy dress.  Not so long as people in the crowd would rather wave at themselves on the big screen than cheer their team.  Not so long as "fans" mingle and are polite and nice to each other!  Not so long as a win or defeat is greeted with a shrug of the shoulders.  Not so long as rugby is basically a middle class social gathering.  Henley without boats.  A Garden Party with a weird shaped ball.

Rugby.  No matter how it is forced down our throats, it's still a w*nk sport. 

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