Saturday, 21 November 2015

Marcus Mark 2

Let's hope our early mid-season blip and Marcus's recent wobble are behind us.  A couple of shoddy performances and the inevitable online hysteria (at one point fully half a dozen fans were baying for blood......) are in the past. 

Marcus has coaxed a few more shekels out of Ritchie's pocket to refresh the squad, including the eye-opening re-signing of Rene Howe, who went from lanky Poppies goal sensation to chubby scummer a few years, and a few divisions ago.  In fact, we once included a photograph on these hallowed electronic pages of a hefty Rene and even chunkier Lee Tomlin together from their Direones days, looking for all the world like early leavers from a Weight Watchers weighing session on the look out for the nearest kebab shop.  I'd repeat it here, but I'm buggered if I'm going to trawl back through nigh on a thousand articles just to see Tomlin's piggy eyes hungrily staring out at me as though I was a cake.

It looks as though Jevani Brown and Saul Williams have moved on to make room on the bench, and at right back, for the incoming players.  Shame in a way as Williams, despite being microscopic had put in some shifts, and Brown looked the part.  However, he and Dubi are very similar players, and one of them is on a contract, so was always likely to remain here.

Marcus's back-room squad has seen a similar make over with his replacement, his new assistant Brian Page making everyone budge-up a bit on the team bench.

What this has done though is give Marcus a chance to freshen up the on and off-field squad, which, anyone who saw the footballing lesson handed out by Burscough last week will attest, it bloody well needed!

We have spent most of this season either a couple of wins from the play-offs, or a couple of defeats from the relegation zone.  It is doubtful the team, the ground or club are ready for promotion into the Conference North, but Kettering must always be at least looking to mount a challenge.  We've seen a tail-off in support that needs to be coaxed back.  The facilities and plunging temperature aren't going to help with this, but a few wins might.

More photo's like this one

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  1. Sorry PATGOD I'm a bit confused by your stances. Please could you explain these?

    A couple of weeks ago you say "When did we become such a ridiculous group of entitlement-junkies?", why are we so demanding for promotion challenges year after year after year.

    Now you say "but Kettering must always be at least looking to mount a challenge". Are you not therefore admitting to being part of this 'ridiculous group'? Why must we always be looking to challenge? You've admitted yourself that the club doesn't yet have the infrastructure for promotion, yet you're still demanding a push at it. What's wrong with a consolidating mid-table finish, while the infrastructure is raised up to the Conference North standard?

    Genuine questions, no malice intended.

    1. I see what you're saying, but "looking to mount a challenge" is a little way short of demanding other teams bow down to us, which is the point I was trying to make -

      "It is becoming tedious to see the usual malcontents shrieking like a bunch of squealing ingrates everytime a team dares to beat us"

      LOOKING to mount a challenge is a statement of intent. Not simply demanding everyone rolls over for us. It is saying we aren't a spent force. Saying we want to move in a forward direction.

      A fine distinction to be sure, but a slightly different viewpoint, surely?