Sunday, 24 April 2016

Last Day Drama Unfolds!

There was everything to play for as the season reached the final round of matches. Only three points would do for the Poppies at Dorchester, whilst relying on Hungerford - already assured of a playoff spot - to win at Leamington.  It promised to be an afternoon of twists and turns!

3.00 – They’re off!  Kettering immediately test the Dorchester keeper.  Leamington immediately give theirs an early touch of the ball.  

3.06 – Poppies take the lead!  Hungerford off to a patient start.

3.15 - Poppies double their advantage!  Still cagey stuff at Leamington.

3.16 – Dorchester score! Hungerford nearly get into Leamington’s half.

3.31 – Howe makes it 3-1 for Kettering!  Leamington switch to 6-4-0.  As do Hungerford.

3.45 – Half time.  Poppies form a determined huddle before leaving the pitch.  Hungerford stay on for a picnic.

4.00 – Second half begins at Dorchester.  Leamington decide to have a second cup and an extra biscuit.

4.06 – Second half begins at Leamington. Hungerford bring on the coach driver for his first appearance of the season.

4.30 – Hungerford and Leamington meet in the centre circle to swap family photos and chocolate.

4.45 – Solkhon makes it 4-1 to Kettering.  Leamington take the ball into the corner.  Hungerford let them.  

4.48 – Final whistle at Dorchester. Leamington keeper chats to his opposite number.  

4.50 – Travelling Poppies fans clap the team off.  Travelling Hungerford fan finishes his crossword.  

They think it's all over...

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