Thursday, 21 April 2016

Wham Bam - records tumble at Latimer Park (probably)

7.45PM - Cheer team onto pitch

8.15PM - Boo team off the pitch

9.30PM - Cheer team off the pitch.  Not quite believing what we've seen.

10.00PM - Google maps being consulted.  Just how far is Dorchester?

And, how about those records?

SEVEN goals in a League game for the first time since 1979.  Apparently.

FIRST TIME we score SEVEN goals in one half least 1979, but probably earlier.

POSSIBLY BIGGEST recorded number of goals scored while wearing the famous Kettering Tyres shirt.

FIRST TIME EVER we play three consecutive Thursday games!  Presumably.

Apologies if the above is a bit vague, but you come to PATGOD for jokes about Canavan's hair, Rene's arse and Steve Kinniburgh's high-pitched squeaking.  You want hard facts?  Go bother Paul Cooke!

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