Saturday, 16 April 2016

Poppies Diary Update

As our fixture dates continue to morph due to the odd passing shower, and Latimer Park's complete inability to absorb water, we thought it best to update next week's fixtures.

Monday 18

Redditch (away) - postponed due to being a shit place

Tuesday 19

No game (wet pitch)

Wednesday 20

A combination of our kids, backroom staff and bar staff will take on AFC Scum-lite.  The supporters of the pretend-plastics are already walking to Northampton in their droves to attempt to recapture a sense of being a big club again, playing at a big Football League stadium, against an old rival.

This, all despite the fact that their club has never been a big club, never played in the Football League, and have never played against the Poppies before.

Having fulfilled his 2-week contract with the club, James Jepson is expected to have left Pseudo-Scummers immediately prior to the kick off.

John Cecil will be representing the Poppies at the game.

Thursday 21

No game (wet pitch)

Friday 22

No game (everyone has got better things to do on a Friday night)

Saturday 23 

7.00AM - Kick off at Redditch.  Post match, quick shower and back to Latimer Park.

Midday - Kick off against Barnstaple, with a few changes from Redditch.  A quick shower, bite to eat, and then back on to the coach to Dorchester.

7.45PM - Kick off against Dorchester, with pretty much the same team that played at Redditch.  After all, they've had upwards of 12 hours rest!

And there you have it.  2015-2016 over and done with (unless we win all three league games....)

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