Wednesday, 14 December 2016

2 1/2 hours of local democracy in 10 handy bullet-points

  1. Kettering Borough Council meeting starts
  2. Kids singing carols - cute but tuneless.  Mayor even more tuneless.  Murdered "Happy Birthday to you" as surely as he'd emptied a six-shooter into it.
  3. Money seemingly no object in letting new and old Chief Borough Council Officers work alongside each other for 6-months while trousering £130,000 and £150,00 p.a.  Nice.
  4. Screwing the poor over Council Tax contributions.  Tories happy to bleed the local unemployed out of more money than every other council in the country.  Labour and Lib Dems disgusted, but as they are outnumbered 3-1 they are pissing in a very strong wind.
  5. Swimming Pools - generally seen to be a good idea.  Especially for swimming in.
  6. Bees are better than wasps.  The council charge £50.00 to get rid of a nest full of jaspers, but at the curiously young age of 50, you can get a 50% price reduction.....
  7. Poppies supporters would like the Council to engage over the possibility of a Weekly Glebe / Frenchies Field development.  Tories wish to include more options and continue dialogue with club.  Water down the specifics to a more, "steady as she goes" tone.  Nothing ruled in or out, but lots more talking at some point in the future.....One block vote later and this has been passed.  Hollobone speaks as though he's still playing to the public gallery in the House of Commons instead to a room of Poppies fans wondering if he'll ever make it to Latimer Park.
  8. Tories more than happy to let officers do their jobs for them with regard to looking at ACV's
  9. People from outside the Borough pay 4 times as much to be buried here.....
  10. Meeting ends.  Democracy is served.


  1. So Fred did call it right then ??

  2. Not really. Taking Fred's cue, and saying the Council wouldn't jump straight in and build a new ground for us then and there is a bit like saying that rain is wet. And then wanting praise for being so astute.

    Left to people like Fred, absolutely nothing would be done. Ever. About anything. He would still be thinking about putting together a H&S assessment for a march to the council offices, that coincides with the next passing of Haley's Comet.

    Richard has got the Council discussing our future seriously, and if the nettle is quickly grasped by the club and the council I believe we could finally be getting somewhere.