Sunday, 11 December 2016

On This Date...

We should have known to expect something a little bit special, just by looking at the calendar.  This particular date has been quite kind to us over the years. December 10, 1988 – Bristol Rovers! 2-1 in front of the Match of the Day cameras. Unforgettable?  You bet.  Still think about it, oh, at least every other day.  Twenty years later to the day, Notts County! - another famous win. 

December 10 2016 – Cirencester Town in the EvoStik Southern Premier!

Ok, a few things were a bit different. There wasn't a potential trip to Old Trafford up for grabs, no TV cameras, and a few less spectators. The attendance was officially 135  (I’m sure I counted 134). But so what, we lucky few witnessed a very eventful start.  Not quite in the Colin Cowperthwaite class, but leading 2-0 after 3 mins is fairly unusual. That’s more than some Peter Morris sides managed in a month. Soon it was four and very nearly five before someone in a Cirencester shirt managed to get a foot on the ball. They pulled one back but we were too busy texting our latest goal to notice.  The rain fell,  the Cirencester keeper more than earned whatever you get for being Cirencester’s goalkeeper (not enough, on this evidence). Marcus changed the strikers, we scored a couple more, it all seemed very easy.  So we can add a thumping 6-1 away victory to the list of good things that have happened to KTFC on this date in history.
And Marcus gets maybe a couple of weeks breathing space before the next time he nervously checks his messages. 
Calm down Brett, come back when you've beaten Cirencester

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