Sunday, 5 February 2017

Poppies Forums' Ignominious Ending

For those not entirely happy to plunge headlong into the anti-Marcus bear pit of Facebook's KTFC Chat, the alternatives for online Poppies discussion are growing increasingly thin on the ground.  Not so long ago we had the venerable Poppynet and upstart KTFC Forum to splurge our post-match thoughts on to.

Poppynet was wiped out by a worldwide f*ck-up by 123Reg, leaving us all lumping our Poppies-writing eggs into the KTFC Forum basket.

And then, KTFC Forum vanished too!

Unless we all set-up our own Poppies blogs, (well, I have...) how the hell are we supposed to natter anonymously about KTFC?  Oh, other than actually chat to one another at a match, of course.  What the hell are we to do?

Thankfully,  KTFC Forum soon re-appeared.  Or at least, it looked like it had for a short time.  Until it was made clear that the Forum had been reborn as an invitation only platform.  Problem being no-one seems to have received an invite.  Speaking at the Biggleswade game to a few people it soon became clear that we'd all failed whatever test had been set us for continued membership.  Did anyone actually make it through the auditions?

And if you were lucky enough to find one of the golden tickets, what were your thoughts at logging on this evening to chat and wax lyrical about the comings and goings of Kenilworth Town FC?  Personally I can find no actual evidence that club still exists, but we've very kindly set this club up with a supporter forum for zero fans to discuss zero events.  I guess KTFC isn't always necessarily KTFC as we know it.....

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