Friday, 24 February 2017

Right or Wrong? Right - obviously!

I scared the Missus today by announcing I'd perpetrated an act that could easily be considered to one of vandalism at Kettering library.  However, her dismay turned to delight when I showed her what I'd actually done.

Nestled among flyers for local events and services were a bunch of flyers from AFC Scum!  At Kettering library!  For real!  I went from shock to disbelief to anger in rapid steps.  What the hell were these doing here - in Kettering?  In a library?  Children could have seen them!  The f**king nerve of those inbred bastards!

I scooped them all up for "recycling."  Unfortunately being glossy, I couldn't use the disposal usage that first sprang to mind.  Never mind.  The official fortnightly Council collection would have to suffice.  Maybe they would be pulped and re-used for something more useful.  Such as an airline sickbag.

Amusingly, for a club that is happy to be the bastard
offspring of R&D FC - the club that did more to wreck the genuine
non-league game than anyother club, the flyer warns that kids
shouldn't be brought up believing football is a TV programme.

No it's not.  It's also not a rich man's hobby.  Not that this
bothered them when Uncle Max's millions poured in.

Having now calmed down a bit I find I'm less annoyed with the activities of "Scum-lite" than I am with the Poppies.  Why aren't OUR flyers and fixtures being displayed at Kettering library?  And Burton library?  And Desborough library.  And Rothwell library.  And, just as soon as anyone there can read, Rushden library?


  1. Reason being your fans can't even run an online forum let alone be united enough to organise any form of positive promotion for your club.

  2. I can't really argue this point. Can anyone?

  3. But they like reading our blogs!

    1. Or at least looking at the pictures?