Sunday, 26 February 2017

Today's update from the Land that Time Forgot

You keep snapping them.
I'll keep including them!

Whilst reminiscing about our former beloved home of Non Park, the question that has occurred to me from time is how and when did the ground become de-Poppied?  Let me explain further.  During our all-too-long purgatory on the banks of the Nene, the letters KT replaced RD on many surfaces, walls and even seats.  As if constantly reading our club's name would in some way convince us we were still in Kettering!

Shortly after we'd escaped from the Planet of the Apes I saw a photograph of the away end and someone had taken the time and effort to remove the "K" and "T" seats from that stand.  Did we do this?  Keith Cousens?  The ghost of R&D FC?  And why do it?  Who was it going to bother as the place rotted away?  Did someone think it would put off the next owners?

I have to assume one of the KTFC logos on the side stands is the one now at Latimer Park, but did we remove other Poppies related signage into storage, or did someone else take it upon themselves to whitewash this shameful spell from our history?  I'm not particularly bothered.  Just curious.

Tune in again tomorrow for more views of Max's folly being raised to the ground!

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