Friday, 21 August 2009

Matt Damon's KTFC Connection

For many years now, our spectating pleasure has been enlivened by identifying the occasional (often only from a certain angle) Poppies lookalike. In fact the habit goes back so far it must be the one and only mini topic that was never worked up into a page long article with a printing deadline looming and several blank sheets still to fill.

In those days we identified the keen resemblance between eg Gary Setchell and a young Andy Flintoff or Chris Pearson and Minder-era Dennis Waterman (giving someone a slap outside the Winchester for a monkey after giving a bird a right seeing to).

Nowadays of course we've moved on from all that and have outgrown such idle games.

Except you can't help but notice that...

Mark Cooper = early Benny Hill (without glasses and flat cap)
Robbie Cooke = gurning Aussie trundler Peter Siddle
Guy Branston = angular headed cyborg Kryten
Dale Watkins = John Malkovich
Wayne Diuk = Matt Damon's runty brother
Lee Harper = Vince Vaughn's swarthy brother
Gary Johnson = Benny the ball from Top Cat

To be continued...

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