Sunday, 11 November 2012

Come on you squatting cockroaches!

Ok, our moderate team lost to a very poor Redditch team, at an out of town ground, in front of less than 500 supporters.

But on the positive side, we had eleven men on the park, managed to fulfil a league fixture, in a ground that wasn't Non F*cking Park, in front of a couple of hundred more fans than our last game.

And the game itself was, well, entertaining!  When was the last time you could say that?

The fact that this game happened at all is down to a lot of people putting in work behind the scenes, including Ritchie, the Corby chairman, and maybe even their supporters!  And also, not forgetting, Corby Council, who, in one afternoon have done more for the Poppies than Kettering Council have managed in 140 years.

Poppies live to fight another day.  They are harder
to get rid of than cockroaches!

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