Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ladak's still got it!

So, the Southern League has declared the Poppies OK to carry on.  The transfer embargo has been lifted and games have been rescheduled to give us the best possible chance of assembling a team.  The club has apparently reached agreements with disgruntled players, and former players.

Of course, there are still a couple of small issues counting against us such as our having no team, ground, funds or supporters, but we're pretty sure such trifling matters can be easily overcome.  How about groundsharing with Corby.  You know, the exact plan that got Ritchie the sack a couple of months ago.

On balance, it has to be said that today's result represents Imraan's finest moment of pure Ladakism.  He turned up at the Southern League meeting with nothing to offer except the obligatory mystery investor and a gripe with DRC Locums.  Armed with this moderate ammunition he appears to have completely won over the Southern League board.  Our complete lack of belief in Imraan's words and actions may colour how we regard him, but we easily forget what a good game he talks. 

It seems he can still charm the birds from the trees.  At least for a while.  In a few weeks when the CVA is still not being paid, we have nowhere to play, nor un-paid players to play even if we had somewhere to play, he may have shot his last bolt!  Let's be honest, Ladak reaches agreements every day with players, suppliers and others.  The problem he has is actually honouring the agreements he reaches.  It will soon be DRC's fault nothing is paid.  Or the pretend sponsors.  Or the "investors" not appearing.

A stay of execution then.  It says a lot for how Imraan has crushed our spirit that this stay has been greeted with a resounding "...meh."  We limp on for a little longer. If nothing else, we've at least given ourselves a couple more shots at a Euro-lottery win!

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