Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nervous? You bet!

I'm feeling nervous before tonight's game for the first time in years.  The past couple of seasons have been more a case of managing our decline and merely fulfilling fixtures.  Results have often been secondary to getting (up to) 11 fit men on the field of play.

Now we've reached a level where we should start fighting back.  We've got a settled ownership and management structure in place.  We're back in the Borough.  If we haven't yet hit rock bottom, I'm not sure I can get my head around what that state might be!  The fightback has to start here.

But what if it doesn't.  What if we're still not good enough?  Will the few stay-awayers who dip their toe back into Poppyland tonight find the shock of not being good anymore too distressing?  Do we have a good enough team to compete, even at this level?  Will we all manage to get parked at the ground?  Will we be looking at attendances of 150 as we suffered last year during those bitter Corby evenings?

At this stage of the season there shouldn't be many "must win" games, but I fear this will be one of them.  We may only get a single chance to convince enough of our former and floating fans to give the Poppies a go again.  And that chance is tonight.

Is it too much of a stretch to say this is our most important game since being ousted from Rockingham Road?


  1. Looks like you still haven't hit rock bottom yet...

    1. I guess we've still got a way to go to sink to the level of certain other clubs who seem to have an endless fascination with us.