Friday, 16 August 2013

Poppies cleared to join in with the minnows

The news has come through today that the Herculean efforts of a handful of volunteers has raised the standard of Latimer Park to a level where we are going to be allowed to start the new season there rather than at Steal Park.  This is great news and hats off to the guys who have made this possible.  It is another example of how a handful of Poppies fans continue to strive to give the rest of us a club to continue to support.

Speaking as someone whose entire contribution to the rebirth of the Poppies within the Borough consisted of a few drinks at the recent Beer Festival I'm not afraid to admit to being slightly shamed to benefit so much from the great efforts of others.

All we need now is a good start to the season, some decent numbers turning up to our games and someone in our midfield to feed Lewis Wilson!

Sorry boys, you'll have to find somewhere else 
for the next several months!


  1. K.T.F.C. are minnows now, that's the problem with the club thinks it's bigger than it really is and if Ritchie pulls the cash plug, bang it all ends.

  2. Good old cheery Poppies fans - you've got to love them! I don't think any rational person believes we are any bigger a club than our surroundings and division tell us we are.

    Any club would suffer the loss of it's main benefactor.

    But I'd bet that Poppies minus Ritchie would be in a better state than Chelsea without Abramovich, or any number of big clubs without their foreign millionaires.