Friday, 23 August 2013

Poppies fans get jitters shock!

Well, two games, two defeats and it's already clear we need to be a bit cannier to get anywhere in this division.  We need the elusive formula of experienced heads and willing young legs that the better clubs at Southern League level seem to find.  And, judging by some of the reactions of our jittery supporters since Tuesday night, we need to find this formula quickly!

Never a group to over-react (!) we have had to put up with the usual Poppies supporter freak-out to a reverse.  The usual phrases have been heard, and read on our various forums - "Worse game ever", "Worse team ever".  "Going down again".  "Embarrassment", Humiliated", "Disgrace."  Those last three all featured in one particularly spiky post on Poppynet by one of our more schizophrenic supporters, and he wasn't even at the game!

I recall reading similar comments when we were pissing Conference North, reaching the fourth round of the FA Cup, and finishing in the top 6 of Conference National.  We had a fully professional squad, the majority of which are currently earning their corn quite comfortably in the Football League.  We wallowed in the success only funded by access to Imraan's bottomless company credit card, and still often squealed like flapping nancies whenever non-entities like Luton Town or Cambridge United managed to deny us 3-points!

Thankfully, calmer heads are starting to prevail.  It's a bad start to the season, but, as far as I can remember, no-one has ever gone down after two games.  Yes, we weren't very good and were beaten by a team who played an effective system.  Yes, our team is not as good as ones we can all remember.  None of us want to be in this league, or at Latimer Park particularly.

But this is the team we've got, and this is the league we're playing at.  And playing at Latimer is by far a better prospect than Nonce or Steal Parks.  Rome wasn't built in a day, but somehow, because we're Kettering Town Football Club, all too often we expect things to come to us quickly or easily.  Well, clearly they won't.  Just because the club still exists we aren't guaranteed to win every game and every league.  We're at rock bottom and any climb back up the divisions is going to take time and yes, we may even have the odd defeat mixed in there. 

And I appreciate that may come as a shock to some people.

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  1. KTFC has been on a loss since stolen from RR , how many game won since RR?