Friday, 7 February 2014

Nerd Alert!!!

Take that Doc Martens!  Up yours Irthlingborough! 

The BBC have released a promotional photograph of the new Dr Who Peter Capaldi.  In keeping with the Northamptonshire link to the series (previous Doctor, Matt Smith being from Northampton), it was stated that Capaldi's boots were Doc Martens.

Diligent research by a dedicated team of uber-nerds soon found out that the boots in question were not in fact Doc Martens, but made by Loake Bros. from Kettering!

If Capaldi's Doctor is anything like his Spin Doctor, expect these bovver boots to see plenty of action!

New Who. A mixture of age, aggression,
Scottishness and Kettering.

Has anyone ever seen Capaldi and Elvis in the same room?

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