Friday, 14 February 2014

Poppies Away to Chertsey

Club: Chertsey Recently-On-Sea FC
Nickname: The Mariners or the Atlantians

Saturday 15 February 2014
Kick Off Time - 3pm

Ground Admission Prices:
Adults: £8
Concessions: £4
Under 16: £2 (price includes free water-wings)

Club Contacts:

Directions: Load your boat with supplies, including fruit and ship biscuits.  Steer South by South West for 100 nautical miles.  Avoid the Sirens of Staines.  Splice the mainbrace.  Pick out a particularly pretty cabin-boy for the voyage.  Unfurl the jib-headed topsail and cast off.

The club are running a supporter's barge to this fixture.  It departed from the Kettering 2 weeks ago.

Away fans will be allocated the upper branches of the trees overlooking the south shore of the ground as well as half of the supporters club roof.

Recent Results: Chertsey have suffered recent reverses at the hands of Poseidon, Jack Sparrow and his Black Pearl XI and the shark out of Jaws.

Action from Chertsey's recent fixture with
Kevin Costner and the cast of Waterworld

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