Thursday, 13 February 2014


In the absence of any football for the foreseeable future we may as well talk about the weather. Why not – it’s why there’s no football.  As each week dumps a month’s worth of rainfall on this saturated island it’s surely only a matter of time before the authorities are forced to move on from marooned villages and submerged railway lines to confront the real issue – will the Calor League season have to be extended?

While they ponder that, it continues to tip down. The River Ise has swollen to record levels, and in places is reported to be over 5 feet wide. No wonder Wicksteed Park is a muddy mess. Well at least that’s the current excuse. Meanwhile at Irthlingborough the ugly old troll who lives under the bridge has been forced to decamp into a nearby Travelodge, bringing temporary relief to the townsfolk. In my part of the world (Worcester) things are even worse. The Severn burst its banks so long ago, the local Ordnance Survey map has been redrawn. New Road cricket ground is under several feet of water, though it’s just been announced that there will be an umpires inspection. In July.  Could things get even worse? Well yes, at least Cameron hasn’t visited yet.

Meanwhile our Poppies heroes must try to deal with this extended mid season break so they are raring to go when league action finally resumes. Assuming they haven’t all retired by then.

And you thought Latimer Park was bad

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