Thursday, 2 April 2015

Grave Times for Gary's

The end of the world as we (I) know it?

Disturbing times for we Gary's (not including the evil misspelling of Garry - yeuch!)

As much as Gary's bemoan the ebbing away of the popularity of our name, we may have contributed greatly to the downfall.  Most of the popular Gary's end up tarnishing their image -

Gary Sobers - great cricketer, but ended up beating England too many times for his popularity to endure.

Gary Glitter - the part of his career where he was a top glam rocker of the 70's seems to have been overshadowed by his later shenanigans.

Gary Linekar - Ace striker, but the "D'Artagnan / Musketeer" facial hair has seen his
popularity wane.

Gary Barlow - Former all-round Good Egg has been shown to contribute less to the National Exchequer than Mark English.

Gary Setchell - He may have got us to Wembley but this was overshadowed by his swift defection to the Scum, where he successfully warmed the bench for a couple of seasons.

Gary Johnson's stint at the Poppies was scary at best.  The following is taken from Gary's Wikipedia page about his time with us.  If you don't recognise much of the report, you are not alone! Just when we all thought Wikipedia was becoming more accurate,

"After leaving Cambridge, Johnson took over as manager of Kettering Town as the club introduced full-time football for the first time in the club's history. However, once the decision was made to revert to being a part-time club, Johnson moved to Watford as director of their youth academy by request of future England manager Graham Taylor."

Yep.  Got to admit.  We haven't made a good case for ourselves.  Perhaps if Gary Mulligan can be coaxed to sign on for a further season with us, perhaps we can turn the popularity corner?

No pressure then Gary! 


  1. How could you overlook the legend that was Garry Hughes!

  2. Duh..... GaRRy Hughes.

    Two "R's" means he doesn't count!

  3. You are a RRacist

  4. GaRRy's are just plain wRRong!