Sunday, 5 April 2015

On The Brink

So four games left, a bulging goal difference and just one more point needed! You’d have to say it’s now ours to lose.

Kettering folk being the wonderful, generous spirited people they are, the sealing of the title, whenever it is, won’t pass without some sniping from the wings about how we are such a big club at this level and the team won it despite bad management. Firstly, can we bury the big club thing? We’re not a Chester or a Wimbledon, forced to work our way back up with inbuilt advantages like a good stadium and resurgent support.  We average 600 not 3,000, are still paying off creditors and play on a cabbage patch at a ground which hardly inspires opponents to treat it as their cup final.

The other point has been refuted often enough, but as it’s Easter let’s do it one more time, in appropriate style.

Apart from player recruitment, training, budgeting, retention, selection, rotation, motivation and tactics – what have Machin and Baillie ever done for us?

Oh and the fresh water system and public health.

All is forgiven as Poppies fans get ready to party


  1. Can you really still defend Laurel & Hardy after yesterday's shambles? Just imagine had Aylesbury won, the last 3 games would have been seriously squeeky bum time and who would honestly would have had confidence in them getting us across the line (as opposed to, as did happen, our opponents stumbling)?!

    1. Surely we are best to "stumble" over the line. Can you imagine what is required to manage a football team with limited resources as chairman, fixture organiser or "part time" manager whilst holding down a, probably demanding, full time job?

  2. Sorry Pedro, but I couldn't disagree with you more. Would it really hurt to take a day off and simply ENJOY your team winning their league?

    Most football teams win few titles. That you chose to actually increase your moaning on the day we actually won our league should surprise and disappoint, but, alas, doesn't.

    Please, please, try to wring some enjoyment from the success of our Club. I'd hate to think you derive no pleasure from this season. Who knows when we will get to do it again?

  3. The performance was a shocker, but in the end it turned out to be one of my personal favourite days as a Kettering Town supporter.