Friday, 10 April 2015

Wow! Better book early for this one!

We've seen some "nothing" fixtures over the years, but do any of them even come close to approaching the complete pointlessunecessaryness of a trip to South Wales for the Southern League "Championship Match?

FFS! You've got to be kidding me!

Such is the unattractiveness of this game that, if you were confident of winning the play-off, you'd probably throw the title, just to side-step it.

I'm faced with two options on Saturday 2nd May.

Cheering my Poppies heros to a pulsating Championship Match victory with our English-loving friends from the sunny Valleys.


Sitting in the drizzle and cold at Stanwick Lakes, too close to Non Park with the Missus watching an outdoor, nighttime showing of the gayest, noisiest, longest, campest, lady-fest movie of all time - Moulin Rouge.

No contest - see you at Stanwick!

Nicole Kidman looking pretty tip-top in Moulin Rouge,
before succumbing to consumption, and still,
frankly, looking hot, but a bit more
sweaty and blood-spittled.... 

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