Saturday, 18 April 2015

We are the Champions (again!)

It is accepted and common knowledge that we rarely win things.  When the Direones were winning everything in sight, including Eurovision during one curious season, they constantly reminded us of our comparative lack of success.  They mocked us for not being able to match their success even though we spent almost a penny for every pound Max threw at his insane hobby.

It could have been different.  If we were more successful in finally getting over the finishing line we might have turned one of our dozen second place Conference finishes into a title, and perhaps League Football.  Or made one of our trips home from Wembley more enjoyable.  Or bearable.

But, is the commonly held belief that we rarely win our leagues actually true?  Sure, starting to support the Poppies in the mid 70's, post Big Ron, it sure felt as though we never won anything, but when one looks over the entirely of our existence our record looks a bit brighter.

We've been going now for 143 years (in case you'd forgotten).  If you miss off seven or eight years for World Wars this makes somewhere in the region of 135 competitive seasons.  If each division we've played in has at least 20 teams in it, and you simply divide the years by the numbers of teams in the league, purely by averaging out, we should have won something just under seven titles in our existence.

We have topped our leagues fully 13 times, including this season's success.  That's double what we should have averaged!  Hey, does this mean we're successful?  Wow!

That needs a lot of Brasso!

In just the last dozen years we have won our leagues three times.  The end-of-season heart attack that was Tiverton.  The bullying of the Conference North.  And this season's canter.  All different types of title wins, but all enjoyable in their way.

Today is a day to enjoy and celebrate with our team.  We've won the league.  Despite the efforts of a few professional malcontents in our ranks to poo-poo the club's efforts, the vast majority of the rest of us will be looking forward today to thank the guys for their efforts and cheer them lifting the trophy.

Now, let's get Latimer Park sorted and all look forward to the summer and next season!

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