Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Championship Match defeat to Merthyr more damaging than originally thought....


The news has broken today that Thomas Baillie won't reapply for the sole Manager job.  This time last year Ritchie decided that joint managers was a good idea.  Baillie, along with Scott Machin were given the task of delivering the league title.  This they did.

12 months on and Ritchie has decided that a single manager is the best for the club.  Seemingly delivering that title hasn't helped Messrs Scott and Baillie convince him otherwise. 

We hope that Ritchie's decision is both his own, and proves to be the right one.  We'd hate to think the decision was in any way influenced by a handful of online malcontents.  We can't easily believe Ritchie would be so easy swayed by whining Kettering fans with a wireless connection.  If he was, PATGOD might become a far more demanding organ!

We send our best wishes to TB, who has done a good job in various capacities for the club over the past three, turbulent seasons.

Scott and Baillie in happier days


  1. A handful. Get real, there were many many people on the terraces who were unhappy with Laurel & Hardy and it seems Ritchie was also one of them!

  2. I'd suggest that most supporters want to see their team win. Most were happy.

  3. I was happy. You'd have to be outta ya bin to be unhappy when your teams just won the league.