Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Friend Indeed

In our time of crisis there have been some tremendous gestures of support from the wider football community. First the Wrexham fans with their bucket collection then Coventry providing opposition for a friendly fund raiser. And by no means least, George Rolls has cleared up all those silly rumours about him being involved in a takeover by explaining the repeated sightings of him at Nene Park. Turns out he is just there to give advice! And who better to help steer us through the choppy waters of massive debt, baying creditors and impending administration than a man who can boast such an impressive track record at Weymouth.

We’re lucky indeed to be able to count on friends such as 'Saint' George, and even more fortunate when you consider that Imraan only contacted him in the first place because of all those silly rumours! We know this because Imraan said so in his interview on the BBC Non League Show, thus dispelling any doubt.

Happily, George can drop in at Nene Park quite easily en route from Cambridge to Weymouth, where it seems he is set to resume the role of chairman after a gap in which fans were assured he had no influence over affairs. None whatsoever. Just ask Mrs Rolls (the majority shareholder). So we had better make the most of this unexpected act of charity and learn all we can.

And in case George’s other commitments on the south coast prevent him from offering any further assistance, is it too soon to put out an SOS call to the Rangers chairman?

"Listen, Imraan, any time."

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