Saturday, 25 February 2012

Public Service Blogging

In an attempt to ensure everyone is up to date with a thoroughly accurate assessment of the Poppies, we will endeavour to fulfil the "public service" part of our mandate.

As of 25 February 2012 we can confirm that THIS IS THE SITUATION -

  • Imraan may or may not still be involved in the club.
  • George Rolls may or may not be getting involved in the club.
  • If GR gets involved he may or may not plunge us into a company voluntary arrangement.
  • Next season, if we still exist we may be playing in one of the following leagues - Bet Square Premier / BS North / BS South / Southern League / UCL / kick around down the park.
  • Also, if GR gets involved me may offer the Trust a 25% stake in the Poppies.
  • The players may or may not have been paid.
  • Our forthcoming home game with Telford may or may not happen, and we may or may not be allowed in to watch it.
  • Ollie Burgess may or may not have left the club.
That is all.

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