Friday, 10 February 2012

More from the "Voice of Reason"

I thought I’d try and explain my “world view” of the future for the Poppies as some people seem to think that, by not putting any money into the club, Trust, etc while Silvio is around, is not supporting our future. I thought it best by drawing a graph!

Although in the short term putting money in may support the club, it really only props up Silvio and delays the inevitable. The continuous merry-go-round of owners also leads to long term decline (assuming we don’t get some mega-rich millionaire). In my mind, the only realistic sustainable future is to be fans-owned, that way we can build things by all pulling together.

So, as promised, the graph. The blue line shows what will happen if Silvio stays – terminal decline. The red line shows the merry-go-round of owners with each cycle leading to an ever poorer future with the same end result as with Silvio. But if the fans take over, yes there’ll be an immediate drop but steadily, over the longer term, our fortunes will be the best.

So I won’t be giving any money until Silvio has gone!

Pedro, telling it in pictures.

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