Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"I'm not another Mark English..."

So spoke our "Chairman" Imraan Ladak.  And he's right.  English was a small-time chancer, just looking to fill his pockets at our expense.  A few months and we'd flushed him out of our system.

That's not enough for Imraan.
"Not my fault, guv!"
Imraan has pissed away our future by hustling us with indecent haste down to Non Park, and banking on several thousand people suddenly appearing out of the woodwork to fund the ridiculous bills he and Maison (remember him?) were running up.

He gambled, and we lost.  And his addiction to the drug of gambling is in all likelihood going to cost us our club.

Still, while real supporters are trying their damndest to dig us out of the shit he has landed us in, Imraan can still pretend to be involved in football.  Hopefully in future his only connection with the game will be as a season ticket holder at White Hart Lane.


How can he sleep at night?  Imraan Ladak - a man without shame.

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  1. It would appear that the Nene Park dream was endorsed and supported by KS/LT. Most supporters have the greatest respect for all of their subsequent gallant efforts.Hopefully if KTFC survives there will be sound financial management - realistically only possible subject to suitable funding.