Saturday, 11 February 2012

Last Throw?

If you haven't already emailed DRC Locums please take a couple of minutes out of your day today to do so.  And if you have several accounts, why not use all of them?

This is a copy of what we have sent from Patgod's email address.  If you can't decide on your own wording please feel free to borrow bits or all of this!

What have we got to lose?


Whilst I assume that the person that reads this will have no real say, I pray that DRC Locums decides to honour it's debts to Kettering Town Football Club, to allow us to survive.

I appreciate us having Ladak here does not necessarily endear us to your company, but the fate of our club will impact on thousands of people who are not part of the problem between you and our chairman.

If you wish to honour your debt, but do not want to deal directly with Ladak, please consider paying the owed money to our Supporter Trust?

Please don't let my football club die!

Thank you."


  1. Sorry to say this, but can you say with any certainty that this debt genuinely exists? DRC dispute it. Even if the debt does exist, the bottom has dropped out of the health agency market in the last couple of years and DRC may not even have the money to pay this bill. Even if they do pay it, Ladak's cashcow now gives a lot less milk and he's more likely to take the money as repayment for his loans and walk away than give a penny to your poor football club. You have my sympathy and I wish you luck.

    1. Too many people who are generally trusted ( i.e. not Imraan) have seen the sponsorship agreement, and suggest that their is no doubt about the £198,000. Anything above and beyond this is more likely to be part a ladak-fantasy!

    2. In reality even in the unlikely event of a DRC payment - why would they pay the Supporter Trust. Any such contract is with KTFC!

  2. There's no certainty they would pay the Trust. However, with enough encouragement from our support they may move from their current position.

    And besides, contracts and KTFC aren't exactly bosom buddies!

    Imraan has let it be known that any and all money from DRC will go towards running the club. Given that he has to all intents and purposes adbicated from this responsibility, why not transfer the funds directly to the Trust?

    Haven't we have reached the point where pretty much anything is worth a punt?

  3. Doubt if support alone will have any effect as DRC legally will not need to consider Supporter Trust.

    Why has IL/KTFC not been asked to provide an audit proof Balance Sheet clearly stating what he wont accept personal liability for.

    Financial transparency would allow genuine fans to understand whether this is a cause worth fighting and if this where the £300k is coming from, or just plucked out of the air?

    KS/LT are optimistic that Nene Park can commercially sustain a football club at this level - can this be quantified?

    What all fans want is a viable Kettering Town football club we can all support - not a lost cause drip fed by cash into a dark hole. Please can we have creditable answers, effective solutions and a riddance of what seems to be well meaning financial incompetence.