Sunday, 22 April 2012

Barrow match in pictures.....

...because frankly we can't be arsed to write that much about it!

"Hand it over, hand it over! sang the turnstile operator.
"With absolute pleasure", I replied!
"I'm glad to be rid of it!"

Off went the smoke bomb, the red mist causing the
scenes of pandemonium you see here.

By the way, if you've ever wanted to know
how Ashley Westwood views the world 90% of the time,
I would imagine it would be much like this!

And after 90 minutes or grinding tedium we thank what
remains of the golden class of 2011-12 for their efforts,
and wish them well for the future.  Those few who
actually have a future in football that is.

We had eventually hung onto a draw against a mediocre
Barrow team, barely going through the motions,
who had lost their last 25 games (more or less)


We all draw a line under the season and rush back to Kettering PDQ. 
Even though the club is contractually obliged to fulfil a
meaningless fixture at Darlington next week, we're all more
than happy to call it a day.

In the middle of the photograph are my usual, losing
Klondike tickets.  Half a lifetime buying tickets - never won it! 
Imagine my delight when the winner is announced as proposed
new owner George Rolls, who has been here all of five minutes!


Desperate to wring some last value out of this season of hell
we descend upon the club shop and hoover up all
the cheap, pointless tat we'd resisted all year long, leaving it
resembling a particularly sorry-looking Soviet era supermarket.

Roll on next season!

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