Friday, 13 April 2012

When is a rumour not a rumour?

...when no-one talks about it on Poppynet!

We all love a good, unsubstantiated rumour don't we?  One of my favourites was the one about Peter Beardsley coming here because someone thought they saw him at the train station AND our Chairman Peter Mallinger was formerly on the board of Newcastle.  Two and two made four, surely?

However, for the third time in reasonably rapid succession I've heard the name of Max Griggs mentioned in the same sentence as the Poppies.  The first instance was in the delightful environment of the toilets at Telford when a couple of old stagers were discussing this rumour.  I ear wigged the conversation partly because I love a bit of tittle-tattle, but mainly because they held the conversation across me at the urinal! 

Subsequent to our tax arrears being paid off I was collared at work by a guy from Finedon who said that it was common knowledge in that bustling metropolis that Griggs was behind the clearing of the bill.

And then, a week ago my Father, who is less interested in the Poppies than Ray and Jay combined, told me he'd also heard that Griggs was involved behind the scenes at Non Park once again.  My old man used to work at Whitworths in Irthlingborough, so he may know a thing or two!

I've no idea if anyone else has heard this rumour.  I'd have thought if it was a well circulated whisper that there might be a 100+ post thread on the supporter forum by now with the usual suspects rubbishing it, or applauding it, or demanding Ladak's nuts on a stick.

I only mention it now after hearing on Radio Northampton this morning that Doc Martens are making money hand over fist again.  Are they looking to waste another wedge on whoever happens to be in their old ground?  Is Max getting itchy for glory again?  Is George Rolls more persuasive than we thought?  Am I pissing in the wind?

Does anyone know?

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